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Genteal Severe Dry Eye Relief Lubricant Eye Gel

Introducing Genteal tears Lubricant eye gel, which provides Severe Dry eye Relief and exp, this Lubricant is manufactured with natural, fragrant ingredients that will help to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by Dry eye symptoms. Genteal tears Lubricant eye gel is a quick and uncomplicated choice to relieve symptoms of Dry eye, and will provide long-lasting relief, for aswitch-tested, effective solution, read our full products page.

Genteal Severe Eye Gel

This is an unique and Severe eye gel that will lubricate and Dry the eyes of those with Dry eyes, it is an 10 g bottle which means it is strong and will not overdo the dryness. This product is produced by thank you company and is fabricated in the usa, Genteal tears is a long-lasting eye gel that provides Severe Dry eye relief. It is especially designed to help with the recovery from lupus and other diseases, this innovative product is available as an eye gel, oil, or cream. To apply the Genteal eye gel, you will need to first wash your eyes with a mild soap or shampoo, then, apply the eye gel to your eye lids, about one-third of the way down its circumference. Finally, use a gentle crayon to create detailed tears and tears Lubricant eyes drawings on your lids, Genteal eye gel is an ease-to-use and effective eye Relief solution. This solution contains two Genteal tears which help to provide Relief for Severe Dry eye diseases.